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Jason Zubiate

My Work

Nutripair Internship

January 2023 - April 2023

June 2022 - October 2022

Managed a team of designers during a comprehensive user testing session for a mobile application focused on nutritional health management, involving a sizeable cohort of 70 participants.

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Nutripair Internship

ObvioHealth & Hyfe AI

October 2022 - March 2023

Advanced the field of cough analysis through the development of a robust diarization model utilizing cutting-edge machine-learning methodologies.

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ObvioHealth & Hyfe AI

Anteater Wellness App

April 2022 - June 2022 (10 Weeks)

Refining the approach to promoting health and wellness awareness to better address the toll on students and demand on student health centers.

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Anteater Wellness App



June 2022

Open-source AI prompting tool for the modern world to diescover, create, and share creative prompts

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